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Our Philiosophy

Our philosophy is very simple, to work with children in understanding these exams and the many different types of questions they incorporate and understanding and coping with the pressure.

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11plus Mock Exam

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11plus Mock Exams

Why Choose Us?
We give you the key for child's success

Our 11plus mock exams papers comprise of a mixture of multiple choice and short answers. Schools and other examination centres prefer the multiple choice format as it is easier to mark as they are only after the result and nothing else. Unfortunately, as a parent, you are looking for a clear feedback on how well your child has performed and a multiple choice format does not do this, for a child under pressure to do well, will guess the remainder of the questions in order to finish the paper. This does not tell you as a parent, ‘How fast or slow your child is’; ‘How much they actually know’; ‘How much they don’t understand’; ‘What they actually require’; ‘Areas where they need focused help’; etc. We strongly believe that you need to know how well your child has actually performed and the best way to do this is through the short answers format. This demands a written answer that varies in length from one or two words to a few sentences and tests the basic knowledge of key facts and terms. In our 11plus exams, we also appreciate that to complete the full understanding how well your child has performed, it is important that both your child and you are given clear feedback. To complete this ‘circle of feedback’, a comprehensive review of the paper is carried out with your child where we cover the questions in the papers. The review, like the mock exams takes over 3 ½ hours. After this, the papers marks are ‘standardised’ after which the papers are given back to you the parent. So that you know how well your child has performed and help you plan the next strategy in their successful learning and success in the exams.


Mohammed D

“I found the exams helpful and realistic. The hard work was really worth it.!
” The whole experience was excellent and really boosted my child’s.”

Arjun P

The 11plus mock exams helped me tremendously, especially the reviews which helped me understand my mistakes and allowed me to carry on improving,
“the mock test exams helped my daughter enormously in building her confidence; the reviews helped build her exam technique and made her believe she can pass. Pass she did.”


The Mock exams were a brilliant experience and enabled to get me into the school of my choice.
I’m really glad, I did all five 11plus mocks and this really built my confidence.


“My child attended the mocks exams and found it a great help in preparing him for the actual exams. i feel so proud as he will be going to QE Boys school.”
I”I strongly recommend that your child does all five mocks exams and attend the review.”

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