We believe all children have the right to go a school of their choice – be it selective state school or Independent school. Unfortunately a child only has one chance in passing the highly competitive 11plus and the odds for success are unfortunately stacked against them.

Our research and strong experience shows even the most able child can on the day can freeze up, stutter, mis-judge,  poor to time management, lack of time management, nativity or even lack of experience under the pressure of the exams lead to an unsuccessful outcome. Children, who are veterans of these 11plus exams are more relaxed, confident and stand a better chance of passing than those who are under prepared. To help children become veterans, we have over the years created our hugely successful and beneficial 11plus mock exams to ensure your child has the best chance of success.

The mock exams are focused on a combination of CEM and GL Style papers to ensure your child is prepared for a whole battery of different type of papers and schools. Our papers are designed to challenge the child to the full and to provide you the parent with feedback on your child via reports and actual performance of your child.

We now have many tutors and centres approving our exams and highly recommend them in providing exam experience necessary to facilitate success.